Kamis, 02 Agustus 2012

contoh kalimat actve dan passive

a.      He believes you. ( active)
You are believed by him. (passive)
b.      They did the test. (active)
The test was done by them. (passive)
c.        My mother is making a cake. (active)
A cake is being made by my mother. (passive)
d.      She will hold a party. (active)
A party will be held by her. (passive)
e.       The team has won the match.(active)
The match has been won by the team. (passive)
f.        He would cancel the meeting. (active)
The meeting would be cancelled by him. (passive)
g.       They made this plane in Germany. (active)
This plane was made by them in Germany. (passive)
h.       The students sang a song. (active)
A song was sung by the students. (passive)
i.         Gina read the book yesterday. (active)
The book was read by Gina yesterday. (passive)
j.         She has been telling it to me. (active)
It has been being told to me by her. (passive)
k.      Secretary wrote the letter two days ago.
The letter was written by secretary two days ago. (passive)
l.          We will discuss the matter later. (active)
The matter will be discussed later. (passive)
m.    She cannot repair the computer. (active)
The computer cannot be repaired by her. (passive)
n.       Does the boy like it? (active)
Is it liked by the boy?  (passive)
o.       We can help you. (active)
You can be helped by us. (passive)
p.      The army shot the terrorist. (active)
The terrorist was shot by the army. (passive)
q.      Rizki is taking the umbrella. (active)
The umbrella is being took by Rizki. (passive)
r.        Rina bought a necklace. (active)
A necklace was bought by Rina. (passive)
s.        Evan is buying some flowers for his girlfriend. (active)
Some flowers are being bought by Evan for his girlfriend. (passive)
t.        We are decorating the hall. (active)
The hall is being decorated by us. (passive)